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Michel Montigny

2018-11-20 10:48:21 | Profile
Hope u are do7ng ok aloweman

Stephanie Vargas

2018-11-20 09:52:41 | Profile
When i was young....i didnt live with my mom and i always remember looking out of the window and with my hand on the window crying my eyes out and she did the same thing from inside the airport....and then she would run out and watch the plane. Both of us crying wishing i didnt have to go......i was 8-15 happened every summer. All i wanted was to stay with my momma

Nene baby

2018-11-13 07:00:38 | Profile
But that fence is to high...


2018-11-12 09:27:55 | Profile
dang time goes by fast i am 13 and i remember when i was about to go to bed and my dad played this song. man those good old days ;)


2018-11-11 23:01:18 | Profile
Anybody having just one of those days where push comes to shove?

Javier Espinoza

2018-11-09 23:28:19 | Profile
Whoever dislikes Gary has no soul

Shahin White

2018-11-02 10:17:35 | Profile
My girlfriend looks like this girl. I wanna learn how to play this song for her.