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2019-07-08 07:02:02
Soulja please the only thing you will do for me in this life I know it's only you conduit because it's someone you like he will help you someone you don't like cannot help you please the only thing I want you to do for me just take me to another country like usa I have somebody to stay with her if you can help me to take me there with your money please. Please form there I will try to make money on myself if you do not give me money just take me to to another country pleas- @GW_Vegasian5 I know how to sing very well there's no money to sing_please I know one day you will help me


2019-07-05 04:24:00
I love songs

amar khan

2019-06-16 05:39:48
to mare wale takder ma


2018-12-01 00:44:56 | Profile
Wtf is up with those bigass clothes


2018-11-29 10:44:24 | Profile
Soulja boy sounds like Michael Jackson comparing to these mumble rappers


2018-11-19 10:52:38 | Profile
For you 118K people that disliked the video. You must of thought that the dislike button was the like button.

Krosh Pavlov

2018-11-12 17:20:02 | Profile
This is like a good song for memes while somehting cool happens XD

Andrew Costello

2018-11-05 18:42:39 | Profile
I wish the orange justice was in this song

Kanaa Dias Gomes

2018-11-01 23:07:44 | Profile
Huhu souji boy brazil

Юлия Махнырь

2018-10-30 21:36:35 | Profile
Why did he die not literally tho